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Like you, we’ve been there
On those corporate highs and lows
And the eventual reality check

This Is Our Answer

Our business lets you find your own balance
Between being a brilliant professional
And living a brilliant life

Dream Ticket

The Dream Ticket

Corporate Life
No better way to become an expert
Working for a brand everyone knows
With people who are at the top of their game
Can be a great adventure

Then one day it strikes you
You can’t remember the last time you made it home in time for dinner with the kids
Or had a proper weekend off
And you spend too much time in offices, train stations and airports
And eventually all you want
Is to come home
To simplify and re-prioritise

And if you could find a way to do that
That pays the bills
And still be brilliant at what you do
That would be your dream ticket

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Work with a small portfolio of clients to whom you can make a real difference, backed by a team of outstanding peers who are making the same life choices as you.


If you are a director level inhouse lawyer with a strong commercial and strategic background looking for genuine work-life balance and want to work as part of a dynamic team read on

Regional Directors

If you’re a partner or a director level inhouse lawyer with a good network, demonstrable business development skills and are looking for a genuine work-life balance or the chance to build a portfolio career read on

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