With over 30 years of experience in providing corporate switchboard services to top professional services firms, ComXo has developed a market leading outsourced switchboard solution that goes well beyond simply call answering. Using their sophisticated, proprietary technologies, off-site switchboard operators deliver a wide variety of business services 24/7 from room booking, ground transport to help-desk escalations and more. They are the provider of choice for 40 of the top 100 law firms where discretion and professionalism is paramount. It’s their combination of human touch and world-class technology that achieves a switchboard service fit for the 21st century.


We were brought into ComXo by our Liberti peers who’d been working with the business for several years prior. At that point, everything of a legal and compliance nature found its’ way to Emily Salmon, the Director of Finance there. She had good experiences with the other Liberti businesses in place and was curious to see if we could help. ComXo had been using local law firms but it was becoming expensive and the responsiveness wasn’t quite there. We met Emily and MD Andrew Try two years ago and it was clear that this business was growing fast with a passionate, creative team. We were excited to help. We kicked off by helping with GDPR implementation and now advise their team on contract negotiations as well. Robin knows the business really well and has built up great relationships with the team. He even gets invited to their costume Christmas Party.


We knew we were on to a winner because the first deal we gave them cost us less in fees than we’d have spent with our local law firm plus we got the deal done quicker than expected because they cut through all the back and forth that usually happens between lawyers. I really think it’s a much better solution for business.

When we worked with law firms, we used to have to explain our business over again each time we spoke to a lawyer. It felt detached, got expensive and I couldn’t always see the added value. Working with My Inhouse Lawyer means we have someone who really gets our business and is senior and commercial enough to cut through all the white noise and take a risk based approach. Robin is a pleasure to work with. He really knows his stuff and we trust him as if he was part of our team.


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