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Your Time

Your Ambition

When you went into business
Did you do it so you could read and negotiate long contracts
Stay on top of the laws and regulations that apply to your business
Paper up board and company resolutions
Manage disputes
And spend your time buried in activities that you never found interesting or are qualified to do…?

Or did you do it because you had a clever idea
A passion and something you naturally excelled at?
If your answer to the first question was no, come and talk to us
We take away the interference
And help you achieve your original ambition

Our Expertise

How We Can Help

Brilliant technical lawyers? Absolutely, but you won’t find us consigned to the backroom drafting endlessly. As seasoned commercial advisers, we contribute to the very heart of business, supporting MDs and leadership teams in making the best commercial decisions for success.

Fast Tracking Sales

Fast Tracking Sales

Optimising the contractual stage of your sales process to positively impact cashflow and growth  more

  • Would you like to spend less time negotiating contracts with clients?
  • What does your contract and signing process say about your business?
  • Are you focused but fair and easy to work with?
  • Do you protect your intellectual property, your assets and people?
Fast Tracking Sales

IT & operations

Managing your external suppliers in a consistent way to de-risk operations  more

  • Do you know what liability your business is exposed to? £1m? £2m? Unlimited?
  • Does your insurance policy cover that risk?
  • Are you exposed to any unfair tie-ins?
Fast Tracking Sales

Managing IP

Protecting the intellectual property in your brand and brilliant ideas more

  • You may have spent a fortune developing your brand and logo, but have you trademarked them?
  • Who owns the IP in the work done by your employees, freelancers and external suppliers?
  • Do your agreements protect your IP?
  • Do you proactively go after anyone who infringes your IP?
Fast Tracking Sales

People Matters

Managing the employment law aspects of your team  more

  • Do your directors and core team have the same employment terms as the rest of your team?
  • What about freelancers and consultants?
  • Does your team understand your house rules?
  • What happens when things don’t work out?
Fast Tracking Sales

Governance and Compliance

Making sure your house is in order on an ongoing basis is essential, especially if you eventually want a good exit  more

  • Do you properly document company decisions and make the correct statutory filings?
  • Are you registered with the applicable regulators?
  • Are you up to date with Data Protection? Changing Employment Laws and any other industry specific regulations that apply to your business?
Fast Tracking Sales

Dispute Management

Sometimes you’ll have to talk tough with a client or partner or they’ll talk tough with you.  more

  • Would it help to have an experienced negotiator you trust who knows your business onside to help you through?
  • Is there an advantage in having someone else play tough guy or take the heat so you can pick up on good terms once the dispute is concluded?
Fast Tracking Sales

Growth Management

With a fair wind, one day you’ll want to expand and need to finance that growth  more

  • Do you plan to raise funds by issuing shares? To the Management team, angel investors or private equity firms?
  • Or will you finance through debt?
  • Are you comfortable with term sheets and investment agreements?
  • How will you achieve a fair balance between keeping control and securing investment?
Fast Tracking Sales

Achieving a Good Exit

The dream. But before you retire on a tropical beach with that cocktail, you’ll have to hold your nerve through an intense sale process.  more

  • Who’ll get the company sale-ready?
  • Who’ll help you negotiate the terms of sale?
  • Manage the external advisers you need to take on?
  • Who’ll get you to the finishing line…toast your success when it’s done.
  • And be there when you start your next venture?

Winning Formula

All For 1

You are one of a small portfolio of clients looked after by a director level expert who is with you part time, for the long haul and totally vested in seeing you succeed.  You only engage one of us but in reality are accessing an incredible network.

  • You supported by
  • Your Principal
  • Your Regional Director
  • Our Team of inhouse experts
  • The people we know
  • The finance & accounting, sales, marketing, IT and HR experts in our Liberti partner companies
  • And the people they know


It’s an unmatched proposition.

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