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Sunday Times Best Places to Work Awards

Proud to be among the Top Ten High-Flyers

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When you’ve been fortunate enough to work in a business that’s entrepreneurial and enjoyable, you’re fortunate to know what good looks like. This is what the founders of My Inhouse Lawyer experienced early on in their careers in the City working in a high growth international exchange listed fintech business. It was the kind of place where everyone worked hard to high standards and at the same time, enjoyed a great team culture. The bonds formed between team members outlived ties to the company itself and continue to this day. This is where the roots for My Inhouse Lawyer culture come from for the founders. Knowing it’s possible to create a great place of work and being inspired to create one themselves at My Inhouse Lawyer


Culture is at the heart of the business, and we continuously make it a priority. We have a happy and diverse team of lawyers. There are no-egos and it’s a politics free, uplifting culture. Everyone is treated fairly, is celebrated when they do well, and everyone here supports each other.

It’s a special place to work and made so by every person who works here



In business, (as in life), purpose matters and people matter. When the two coincide, a kind of magic can happen in a business where everyone is aligned and pulling together as a team and enjoying what we’re creating together.  That’s what it feels like at My Inhouse Lawyer. What we’re most thankful for, is that we have a genuinely brilliant and lovely team. When you have the right team, it sets everything else in motion. Every inhouse lawyer at My Inhouse Lawyer is a high achiever and yet there are no egos. Everyone here is warm, welcoming and friendly and everyone cares immensely about doing fantastic work for our clients and supporting each other


Last words go to the team:

‘The culture we have is excellent. It feels like a family. It’s warm, approachable, friendly, positive and supportive’

‘Joining My Inhouse Lawyer is one of the best things I’ve ever done’

‘I’m happy to have found a place like My Inhouse Lawyer where I can balance my love of life with my love of the work’

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