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Don’t market as Not a Law Firm they said
It’s controversial
Never been done
But here’s the thing
Those 4 words sum us up perfectly

Not A Law Firm

All Experts
All Rounders
All Inhouse
Working to Your Advantage
As One of Your Team


Front & Centre

We’ve all used law firms, right?
And as an SME, you don’t always get the A team
You probably won’t get one lawyer dealing with all your needs
So, you’ll wind up explaining your business time and again

You might hear about combining partner time with juniors to keep costs down
So, you’ll never be quite certain of the experience behind the advice
With billing targets, you’re also never sure that your lawyer is aligned
And as just one of a hundred clients
You’ll probably never get that special treatment

Sure, sometimes it’ll work out fine
And some of you will be happy with things as they are
And there are lots of lawyers out there who care as much as we do
About putting you and your business front and centre

But with us, every client gets the special treatment


Winning Formula

All For 1

You are one of a small portfolio of clients looked after by a director level expert who is with you part time, for the long haul and totally vested in seeing you succeed.  You only engage one of us but in reality are accessing an incredible network.

  • You supported by
  • Your Principal
  • Your Regional Director
  • Our Team of inhouse experts
  • The people we know
  • The Finance, Accounting, Sales, Marketing, IT and HR experts in our Liberti partner companies
  • And the people they know


It's an unmatched proposition. And unlike any law firm we know.

About Liberti

A Liberti Group Company

The Liberti Group began with the FD Centre in 2001. It has grown into a collection of 30+ companies around the world who together provide senior management expertise to mid-tier businesses on a part-time basis. In the UK the Liberti presence includes the following companies with whom My Inhouse Lawyer works closely:


The FD Centre

The UK’s number one in part-time Finance Directors. We work with ambitious growth companies across all sectors, identifying every area of weakness within your current finance function and every potential opportunity.

Freeman Clarke

The UK's number one in part-time IT Directors. A team of "fractional" (part-time) IT directors for SMEs. We help our clients manage costs and suppliers, drive growth and innovation, and provide peace of mind.

The Marketing Centre

The Uk's fastest growing provider of experienced part-time Marketing Directors to ambitious businesses.

People Puzzles

People problems are often the biggest single factor holding companies back from growth. People Puzzles has a team of experienced, HR professionals hand-picked for their proven ability to increase revenue and reduce costs.

Your Right Hand

YRH Finance Team services span the entire accounting and finance process, helping you increase your profits, improve your cash flow and giving you peace of mind that all the accounting bases are covered.

Kiss The Fish

Provider of senior Sales Directors on a part time or temporary basis that most medium-to-large businesses simply can't access.

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