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Why join us?


Like you we’ve been there

On those corporate highs & lows. And there’s no better way to become an expert. But one day it strikes you that work rules over nearly everything


Reality check

You can’t remember the last time you made it home in time for dinner with the kids or friends. And you spend too much time in offices, on trains & planes


Dream ticket

When all you really want is to come home & simplify. If you could find a way to do that & pay the bills, that would be your dream ticket


This is our answer

Our business lets you find your own balance between being a brilliant professional & living a brilliant life


People you like & trust

Working with a team of like-minded peers who are ready to be your sounding board, show you the ropes or share their holiday snaps


The people we know

With us, you join a community of 1000 senior Liberti professionals across key business areas including finance, IT, HR, marketing and sales

I was the first lawyer to join MIL following a 20 year corporate career and I haven’t looked back since!

Caroline Lueder

The best things about being a part of the MIL team are the flexibility that a portfolio career gives you whilst creating meaningful long term relationships with a wide variety of clients

Robin Hassan

Love the variety of work and consistently being challenged to learn new things and solve new problems. Love the team approach and the ability to bounce ideas with so many legal masterminds!

Yinan Zhu

MIL is very much a supportive team environment. There's always back up. It's more like a family

John Nugent

A great place to be. Constant new varieties of work and great colleague support, both centrally and with my fellow legal Principals. Clients get really good service – and are particularly appreciative

James McLeod

Thoroughly enjoy the huge variety of work and being able to make a real difference to SMEs. So pleased that I joined such a great team!

Jonathan Waters

What will you be doing?

Rated People

David Roberts

Shenton Group

Chris Agace

Gama Healthcare

Abigail Dubiniecki

Vibration Group





Caroline Lueder

Like what you see? Meet the team

How it works?


X factor

For each new joiner, we typically see over 100 applications. There’s something special about everyone on our team



How can you feel part of a team with people you’ve never met? Teamship is big over here. We have regular meet-ups.  We learn and grow together and are better for this


The MIL Way

We have a way of doing things around here. We aim high. Live our values. And have fun along the way. If this sounds appealing, we’d love to hear from you

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