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Forget working with junior lawyers
Being passed from pillar to post
Explaining your business time and again
And fee uncertainty

Lawyers Who Think Like People In Business

With us you get the A Team
One brilliant dedicated advisor
Who knows you & your business
For a monthly fee

In Outline

Thinking. Advising. Doing.


We are director level inhouse lawyers who have each worked in high performing teams and businesses across a range of industries for a minimum of 15 years.


Our winning formula means you get 1 dedicated, part-time director level expert who knows you and your business and is supported by an outstanding team of peers.


Like a law firm, we advise.  Unlike a law firm, we’re part of your team so can think pro-actively and we’re in your business implementing the legal solution.

Our Expertise

How We Can Help

Brilliant technical lawyers? Absolutely, but you won’t find us consigned to the backroom drafting endlessly. As seasoned commercial advisers, we contribute to the very heart of business, supporting MDs and leadership teams in making the best commercial decisions for success.

About Liberti

The Leader In Part-Time Directors

We are the legal arm of the Liberti Group of companies who provide part-time Finance Directors, Financial Controllers, Sales Directors, Marketing Directors, IT Directors and HR Directors to growth businesses around the world. If you are in business, and you have a knowledge gap in your management team, Liberti could be the answer.

So good, you'll only need us part time

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