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Gama is all about infection, prevention and control. It’s another of the market-leading businesses we support that’s probably touched our lives without our knowing it. They help professional healthcare institutions keep infections at bay and are on a mission to reduce worldwide infections by offering the best innovative solutions. Gama is a global healthcare company with 200 staff across the UK, Australia and China and sells to over 60 countries through their distribution network. In a bid to be at the cutting edge of IPC science and innovation, they also have a dedicated R&D division tasked with creating cutting edge products


When we first met Gama, it was around the time of the GDPR in 2018. As a fast growth company, they had a lot on and were looking for practical expertise to help with implementing the GDPR. We kicked off with a tailored program including guided fact-finding sessions with key business units, a gap analysis, a roadmap for implementation including drafting policies that fit existing business processes and creating a How-To programme to transfer knowledge directly to their employed teams. Knowledge transfer is something we’re passionate about as we’re empowering our clients to DIY long after we’re gone. After the program concluded, we were asked to stay on and get more involved in implementation.  We are their go-to source for all things privacy and priv-tech related


The MIL approach has been excellent. From the start, they’ve been keen to transfer knowledge to our teams so that we are empowered to self-implement, even though this would mean less work for them. Because of this, we have built up a lot of trust in them. Abigail’s knowledge and approach has been excellent. It’s unusual to find a privacy expert who combines the legal side with the technical and who is practical too. The service has been really responsive and anytime I need to, I know I can pick up the phone to Twiggy to talk over broader areas. It really feels like we’re in it together. Very happy to have found them and looking forward to working together as we grow

Harsha Siani – Commercial Research & Business Manager


The team I’ve been working with at Gama are really fun. Right from the start, I knew I was working with people who care about doing this right and see privacy as a business fundamental not just a tick-box exercise. I’ve been conscious not to let privacy become overwhelming by keeping it practical, realistic and risk-based (and hopefully fun). I’ve been leading the structured stuff (such as DPIAs, policies, training) as well as helping them zero-in on priv-tech solutions that might reduce the compliance burden as this is my niche. What’s been especially great is their appetite to learn how to implement. From the workshops I’ve run, I know they’ll do a great job of this and I’m happy to be on hand for anything especially complex or urgent. I’ve absolutely loved working with Gama. It’s a really exciting business and they’re making the world better a place. It’s nice to be a part of that

Abigail Dubiniecki – Privacy Specialist

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