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Shenton Group is the UK’s leading technical expert in continuous power solutions. It’s likely they’ve touched all our lives at some point because these are the guys who keep the lights on 24-7, all around the UK when there is a power failure. When we met with MD Jody Meeks a few years ago, there was no specific need for us. Jody had been using law firms until then and they were fine. Yet instinctively Jody felt they’d be better off working with senior people who really understood his business and he liked our concept enough to give us a try. We’ve been working together ever since


For Shenton Group, we put our Flex solution in place as we didn’t know how much they’d need us. Yet as our relationship deepened, it’s evolved in to more of a monthly engagement.  Chris is mainly the go-to source for contract advice and negotiation. He deals with contracts of all shapes and sizes, where they are complex, lengthy, a customer requires something unusual or just where the senior manager has enough on his plate already. Shenton will often be engaged in regional framework agreements where they are having to swallow a lot of heavy-duty documentation. Chris is there to reduce their risk and, where necessary, to negotiate directly with the legal department on the other side of the table


I absolutely love the solution. It’s hands down one of the best I’ve come across and much better than what we had in place before. Chris is a great to work with, he has a good knowledge of our business, industry and team.  It’s great to be able to reach out to Twiggy on things as well and that she checks-in with us from a client experience point of view. Highly recommend working with these guys

Jody Meeks, Managing Director


I love working with Shenton because they produce a very high quality product and have a strong company culture. It’s great that the business is so focussed on continual learning and improvement especially as it’s something we’re also passionate about at My Inhouse Lawyer.  It’s exciting to be working with such a fast paced and fast growth company

Chris Agace, Principal

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