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Certino is the world’s first cloud based software solution for shadow payroll automation. Shadow payroll is a fascinating and highly complex area. If you’ve ever worked in a large corporate and had to work abroad, you’ll appreciate the genius of it. When employees of large international businesses work around the globe, they become subject to differing tax regimes which can be a minefield to navigate. This was all done manually before until Certino created proprietary software solution that allows people to pay the right tax, in the right place, at the right time.  What used to take months can now be done accurately within 30 minutes


We met Richard through our friends at Smith & Williamson. Richard has deep expertise in global mobility and international employment tax in particular shadow payroll.  He created Certino to transform the way international companies manage tax liabilities of a mobile workforce by automating the entire process. He’d worked closely with General Counsel in his previous role at Baker Hughes and understood the need to get the right legal help from the start. Our approach which gives access to senior counsel without ownership, suited him very well. Since then, we’ve also brought in other members of the Liberti group to assist the company as it grows. Caroline handles everything from corporate shareholder /investment agreements, to sales agreements, employment contracts, to international aspects to JVs with leading accountancy firms.  We’ve been working together for 3 years


Throughout my career, I have worked closely with many inhouse lawyers and external law firms and appreciate the value and peace of mind that an exceptional commercial lawyer can bring. When I set up Certino I looked for someone who would not only give advice when asked but who would proactively lead and guide us through the legal aspects of setting up and running a business. My experience with My Inhouse Lawyer has surpassed all my expectations

Richard McBride, CEO


I’ve loved working with Richard and everyone at Certino. It’s been amazing to come in to the business during its infancy and continue as it grows. I have developed a really in-depth knowledge of the business, the team and the industry which means I can add value fast without Richard having to catch me up all the time as he might with a law firm. We’re delivering a true GC experience and I’m really enjoying my role and our relationship. It’s been fun, rewarding and also great to be working with ours peers across the Liberti group

Caroline Lueder, Principal

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