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GMAC provides solutions to business schools and candidates to help them discover and evaluate each other. If you ever considered doing an MBA, you will have heard of the GMAT because it is the most widely used exam for business school admission with 9 out of 10 business school enrollment programs using the GMAT score. Headquartered in the United States, GMAC is the non-profit business that owns and administers the GMAT. It has evolved into a global business with offices in the UK, India and Hong Kong


Whenever Robin has a question for the UK, she’ll reach out to us. We then bring in the right people from the My Inhouse Lawyer team to do the work or connect Robin and her team to the right people in My Inhouse Lawyer’s broader network for anything that’s non-legal.  Examples include helping out on privacy, IP and employment law, the goal being to help GMAC protect its interests in the UK and help harmonise the group-wide legalities so there is, as far as the law allows, consistency between the UK subsidiaries and the US.  It’s a great example of how we support companies outside of the UK with interests in the UK


Twiggy, Thank you for the delicious tea and crumpets and for the insightful conversation.  You and your team are fantastic.  We look forward to growing our relationship with you—as we continue to grow

Robin Everett – Vice President Legal


It’s been such a pleasure working alongside Robin and her team and to support such a strong global brand. We’re here whenever they need input on UK law and practice. We’ve been supporting the US  teams on strategic things where they’re looking to create consistency across their group companies and the UK teams on the ground for specific local matters. Was a pleasure to meet Robin in person and talk about the exciting plans for GMAC on the road ahead.

Twiggy Harding, Co-founder

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