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Our purpose is to vastly improve the way SMEs experience the legal profession. Currently SMEs don’t necessarily get the best experience across the board. By their own account, many find traditional law firms to be detached, out of touch with their business reality, slow to respond, poor value and lacking in follow through. Our purpose is to elevate the conversation. We don’t just overcome existing shortcomings. We deliver a client experience that SMEs love. If you want to be a part of our story, we look forward to hearing from you


Our purpose is achieved by delivering a genuinely responsive, flexible inhouse, one-stop legal and compliance experience. Something tailored for each client releasing them from the pressures of doing legal and compliance work and creating freedom for their growth with a conscious application of our values of fairness, freedom, oneness and growth


We work exclusively with ambitious SMEs. This includes well-funded start-ups as well as businesses turning over between £2m and £250m. Many of our clients are turning over around £10-50m. They are fast-growing companies looking for a better solution for their business than traditional law firms can offer. They’ll never need an employed inhouse lawyer but love the way we work with them (as opposed to traditional law firms) because our model is designed with them in mind. If you want to work 9-5 with a large corporate, we aren’t for you


You’ll mainly help us with business development activities, yet you’ll also help ensure clients receive an on-value experience and you’ll join in team based activities. For this role, ideally you’ll be a lawyer or an MD or sales director who has worked with inhouse lawyers with a proven track record of building up a client following.  You will have the freedom to plan your own schedule with a strong focus on results, client experience and teamship

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