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You hear people say that life isn’t fair. Yet fairness dwells in the choices we make. Business can help to shape the world. The way we do business can have an impact. And it’s up to us to be a force for change. With intent and purpose. In treating our clients, partners and team fairly, we set an example. We create a possibility that they will see it and pass it forward…and pass it forward again like a wave rolling across an ocean. This is how all movements begin. Simple ideas, everyone understands creating the change we choose to see in the world

Examples include: market beating rates for clients, real time charging versus units of time, within reason passing calls and emails are gratis, no billing targets removing temptation to over-charge, pre-agreeing costs and scope, fair billing and no bill shock


Someone famous said, freedom is nothing but a chance to be better. And this is something we buy into. We create freedom for our clients to do better and freedom for our team to live better lives. The best kind of freedom is where there are people beside you helping you along the way

Examples include: no tie-ins for clients, freedom to choose and change the model they engage with us on, taking the legal noise off their plate giving them back time to build their businesses


Oneness is an extraordinary thing. When we see all that we have in common, our differences can become a source of fascination. Something to admire and inspire. When we are one with our clients, we can admire all that they are achieving and help them go farther still. When we are one with our team, we take away isolation and create safety. A feeling that there are people looking out for us as we are for them

Examples include: being aligned with our clients, measuring success in years of working together not billable hours, being responsive and thoughtful as if we were one of their team


Yes, we choose plentiful business growth for ourselves, our clients and team. There is nothing better than creating abundance. Yet the deeper meaning behind growth for us, is a pursuit of betterment. In Japan, the word Kaizen is about change for better. Small changes made little and often until one day, you look up and find you have come some distance. Another way of seeing this is having a growth mindset. We are passionate about becoming better each day than we were the last…as lawyers, business advisers, team mates…and people

Examples include: using our skills to fast track sales to enable growth, empowering our clients to be independent by transferring knowledge and training

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