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People is one of 9 core areas where we can make a positive difference to your business. In this section you’ll find some insight and tips from our top inhouse lawyers. People is a wide subject. It includes everything from employees to freelancers, subcontractors, advisers, shareholders, directors and non-execs. It even includes the people who might become shareholders at some point in the future (the spouses of your existing shareholders for example) and investors. It’s almost everyone in your daily ecosystem. The people who are helping you build your empire. In each case, you’ll want to think about how best to regulate the relationship. What boundaries to set. Who does what and what happens when things end or go wrong.

We have some brilliant expertise on the team to help with all of this with ideas that may not have crossed your mind. Hope you enjoy the articles but if you’d rather talk than read, give us a call on 0207 939 3959

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