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Intellectual Property is one of 9 core areas where we can make a positive difference to your business. In this section you’ll find some insight and tips from our top inhouse lawyers. It’s a wide subject and there are many types of IP. There is also the proprietary side which is about registering your IP rights. And the licensing side which is about using your IP to create revenue.

Sometimes people forget that confidential information is also to be protected. It’s the secret sauce that gives your business an edge over others and shouldn’t be shared without putting some protection in place. Remember also to think about anyone who creates IP for you. This could be a web developer, a freelancer or an employee. Have they transferred the IP to you? And what happens if the relationship ends? Are you free to continue to use the IP? And are there restrictions on how they can use your IP and confidential information? You’ll want to be sure to have all this mapped out and protected. When it comes to selling your business, your IP is an asset and one which could increase the sale price you secure.

We have some brilliant expertise on the team to help with all of this with ideas that may not have crossed your mind. Hope you enjoy the articles but if you’d rather talk than read, give us a call on 0207 939 3959

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