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Supply is one of the 9 core areas where we can make a positive difference to your business. In this section you’ll find some insight and tips from our top inhouse lawyers.

Supply covers many things. It can be suppliers of services, systems or products for you to sell on. It’s really about anything and everything you buy in. What are the risks to your business if a supplier you work with doesn’t come through? How does this impact your business and reputation? How can you minimise these risks and protect your business?

This is where we come into our own: It’s not about gold-plating and creating long-winded contracts. It’s about being practical, commercial and keeping an eye to the significance of the supplier and your appetite for risk. Your lunchtime office snack supplier for example is a different ball game to an IT supplier who is giving you a new ERP system that affects the entirety of your business.

We have some brilliant expertise on the team to help with all of this with ideas that may not have crossed your mind. Hope you enjoy the articles but if you’d rather talk than read, give us a call on 0207 939 3959

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