About this section

Premises & Commercial Real Estate is one of 9 core areas where we could make a positive difference to your business. In this section you’ll find some insight and tips from our top inhouse lawyers. There are broadly two ways to think of this: (i) Multi-site, or where buying sites / premises is a fundamental component of your core business (for example retail, developers, leasing, events and storage businesses) or (ii) acquiring sites for mainly office use.

Our approach with the first is to start as we mean to go on. It’s about pinning down the key commercials and getting these agreed from the outset. Everything flows more smoothly from there. It’s also about creating a consistent approach that can be applied for each and every acquisition. Having almost a ‘playbook’ mindset so you’re not re-inventing the wheel with each acquisition. For the second it’s mainly about negotiating commercial lease or licences and making sure that your interests are protected on take-up, duration and when you exit.

We have some brilliant expertise on the team to help with all of this with ideas that may not have crossed your mind. Hope you enjoy the articles but if you’d rather talk than read, give us a call on 0207 939 3959

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